The Start of It All

1961 October

Created by sligocait 10 years ago
I grew up with 2 older brothers and I was not often allowed in their room when we were kids. They had been old enough to go to the movies in 1951 and see "The Day the Earth Stood Still" in the theaters; I was only 2 years old then. Ten years later, NBC (a major US TV network) had a series on called "Saturday Night at the Movies" during which they ran movies on TV that had never been run before. One evening in the fall of 1961, my brothers invited me in to their room to watch a movie with them because they knew I was a science fiction fan and they figured I'd like it, and they remembered it as being a very good movie. I was just amazed that they were going to let me come into their room to watch a movie with them! Well, all I can say is that from the first time we got to see Klaatu's face, in the hospital bed, I was hooked. My young 12-year-old heart was experiencing its first full-time crush and I became a dedicated Michael Rennie fan from that night on. Back then there was no internet, no VCRs or was the stone age, so to speak, so it was not easy for me to find any information about Michael or to know when a movie might be on that I could watch in which he played a role. I was in heaven when a local station began to show "The Third Man", Michael's TV series, so I could count on seeing him every Saturday evening here in the Eastern US. I had other crushes as I got into my teens, but nothing was like what I felt about Michael. He was special to me because I had a very difficult childhood (alcoholism and other issues) and Michael started out by being a father-figure to me, and it helped to have a stable adult to look to even if it was just in my own imagination. Later, my admiration took on more of a "this handsome man is someone I wish I could be friends with" feeling, and without knowing it, Michael got me through some difficult years. My life worked out very well, but I have never lost my attraction to Mike that began as a childhood crush in 1961. Today, I cherish all of the movies that I have with Mike in them and watch them over and over again. I also watch episodes of "The Third Man" too, 13 of which I have on DVD. If they release more, I'll be first in line! There is much more, but this is how I first learned of Michael Rennie and how, in more ways than I can say, how he unknowingly but very truly helped me grow up sane in an often insane situation. I love you, Eric Alexander (Michael) Rennie, and owe you a debt of gratitude that I can never repay. Walk with God and the angels and I hope to meet you one day in heaven. Gratefully yours, Caitie