A Tribute

2010 September 18

Created by sligocait 10 years ago
When I was a young girl Life was very hard to bear Insecurity filled my life. Unconditional love was never there And I despaired of finding relief. Then came the day that changed my life And I couldn't have known how much! I saw a film on TV about a man named Klaatu But it was Michael Rennie by whom I was touched. It wasn't just a childhood crush That I first thought I had. Almost immediately I began to see Mike As a surrogate dad. While I was young, I turned to him in my mind And imagined he was there, To talk to me and to council me The way a loving father would care. As I grew older and the years passed by, Mike always remained part of my life. And while he never knew it he always remained A friend I would honor for life. I just wish I had the courage years ago To actually reach out to Mike, And send him a letter of gratitude For the part he unknowingly played in my life. I owe you a debt of gratitude I can never repay But I can promise you this, dear Mike, For as long as I live you will always remain An important part of my life. With love and respect, Caitie