2010 October 01

Created by valerie 10 years ago
I have good reason to remember Michael Rennie One day in 1964 I was driving from London on the A12 when my car stopped I was terrified when suddenly this large grey Jag pulled up and a tall handsome man got out "Having trouble love" this deep voice said and as I looked into his amazing eyes I said "You,re Michael Rennie" I said and he lifted the bonnet and said "I sure am its your spark plugs" he cleaned them and started the engine he explained he was on his way back from Elstree Studio s filming The Third Man Hw kept close behind me until we reached the Blythbough road and with a wave as if to say, O K now he was gone I returned home to Southwold knowing I would never forget the day a film star cleaned a young woman s spark plugs He kept cl;ose behiund me hird Man