Created by valerie 10 years ago
This wondeful man came into my life when I was just thirteen it was 1960 Mike was back in England filming The Third Man he was guest on What s My Line the panel won because Lady Isobel Barnett asked the question "I think your family comes from my hown town Aberdeen" and Mike s Grandfather and Father were indeed born in Aberdeen so it was nt long before they knew it was Michael Rennie I kept thinking I liked the look of this tall handsome man and when he returned to California I decided to write to him Dear Mr Rennie, could I have a photograph of you please? he replied with the photograph a small one at first followed by larger and our friendship began we wrote to each other every week until the wonderful day when the letter read My Dear Val"Im coming home" it was now March 1962 and I left school the Christmas before very old for my years. Mike was everything a young woman could want people tell me I am lucky to have had such a love affair with him but I was only twenty four when he died his last words were to me were to be happy not to forget him or the wonderful love we shared but not to grieve all my life and I tried to do as he asked but I could never replace him and did nt want too and as the years have passed I felt him close to me and feel I still love the gentle but complex man that was Michael Rennie just as much as the day his first words to me were "Hello Val Im Mike Rennie"the words that changed a young woman s life forever