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After graduation he began work as his Father had wished in the wool mill in Palmer Street Bradford he started at the bottom on the wool sorting sheds James had wanted his son to take on the business side of the mill Eric tried hard but found the mill boring and left ,at first he tried being a car salesman but never sold one car he always said he must have been the world s worst salesman ever His Uncle Fred offered him a job in his steel ropes factory but this sounded to much like the mill to Eric and he had always wanted to act but did nt know how to begin so it had to be the rope factory where he began with sweeping the floors he worked his way up but it was no use he still wanted to act so one morning he walked out of his office and into Gaumont London studios he was told handsome but hollow go away and learn how to act this he did working up and down the country in British Repertory he did bit parts and stand in to learn how it was done how calling himself Michael Rennie In 1938 he married Joan Phylis England the marriage ended in divorce in 1944 At the outbreak of war he put his career on hold and joined the R A F as a flying instructor in 1944 he contracted T B so his war was over After a complete recovery he returned to his acting career this time with a contract with Gainsbough he was a star and women swooned over his handsome face trade mark high cheek bones, piercing green eyes ,and jet black hair his height 6ft 4ins stood him in good stead he had always been good looking and had often modelled knitting patterns for the wool mill On 1st October 1946 he married again to ex Windmill girl Margaret McGrath Michael s first films as a star were with Margaret Lockwood in I.ll be your Sweetheart and The Wicked Lady he had many fans and wrote his own fan club magazine from 1946 until 1950, then Hollywood claimed him